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Amritsar Computer Traders Association, 78-79 GF, Nehru Shopping Complex, Lawrence Road, Amritsar


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-Amritsar Computer Traders Association

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-Amritsar Computer Traders Association (Regd), 78-79 GF, Nehru Shopping Complex, Lawrence Road, Amritsar
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-Amritsar Computer Traders Association

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Amritsar Computer Traders Association, known as ACTA is an association of IT entrepreneurs of Amritsar formed for the welfare of its member that works to create and sustain an environment conducive to growth of IT industry in Amritsar. With over 100 members and partnering industry through advisory and consultative process, ACTA has been a facilitator and catalyst working closely with Government on Policy issues, enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and expanding business opportunities through assorted services.

Since inception, ACTA have emerged as the most important IT forum in Punjab. It has successfully created an ambience conducive to the growth of the Industry and trade in this region. ACTA is a non-profit organization, playing a proactive role for the development of IT trade and to maintain harmony among all.


(a) To provide a forum for members of the Association for interaction and to sustain a sense of belonging amongst the members of the Association with ACTA through mutually beneficial contacts.
(b) To provide opportunities for the study and discussion of all questions, issues and problems related to the business of Computer Hardware Industry and related Information Technology businesses.
(c) To facilitate and encourage members and activities which contribute towards improvements in the status of Associate Members in areas pertaining to profits, infrastructure, industry Infrastructure, industry interactions, Education and any other area that the members and the Association feel appropriate.
(d) To foster linkages amongst the members and to promote personal and friendly relations through meetings and get-togethers among members of the Association.
(e) To collect, publish and distribute such information as may be useful to members of the Association.
(f) To render assistance of any sort to the members of the Association through Legal Consulting, representation in some Govt. Deptt. / ministries/ secretariats /Policy makers; financial assistance to an member(s) or any other area that is felt as appropriate by the association.
(g)To undertake all such activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objectives.
(h) The Association will exploit opportunities to co-operate with other bodies where interests are mutually served.

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– info@actaamritsar.com
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